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Why XeNTiS carbon wheels?

Improved aerodynamics with XeNTiS active turbulator

Patented XeNTiS break surface for best performance in wet and dry conditions

Handmade in Austria with a unique RFID chip for tracing

Dealer Showcase

XeNTiS fitted bikes from serpentine velosport

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See what people are saying!

Nicholas Chase Professional Triathlete

Very very impressed with this XeNTiS wheels setup:) stiff, fast and tubeless!!! My bike split was def a personal highlight:)

Florian Kandutsch Professional Triathlete

The Mark 3 were incredibly calm, no matter where the wind came from and I felt like I was riding on rails. Even with stronger gusts, which sometimes can be violent in Hawaii, I never got into trouble and could feel how confident the wheels did their job.

Mark Bowstead Athlete

Wheels felt truly amazing, thank you.

2 years warranty
3 year crash replacement program
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